Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BKK Stash o' Yarn

I am back from Thailand and lugged home over 10 kilograms of yarn with me. The shopping was not as super as I had hoped, but I did bring back some reasonable quality acrylic semi-bulky yarn. I also picked out a sampling of bulky and super bulky yarns for experimentation purposes. The knitters are happily, dare I say somewhat excitedly, knitting up monsters in the new yarns. The bulky yarns are mixes of wool and acrylic and the knitters have never knit with anything other than acrylic and some cotton. They've never experienced anything so bulky either and the monsters will be much bigger than previous ones.

Below is some stash. Yarn-o-philes, have not any envy: its mostly acrylic.

I have a twilight zone story from Bangkok, but I will leave it for tomorrow.


  1. Acrylic or not, I love all the colors. Did the eyes ever make it out to where you are?

  2. Alas, still no safety eyes. But I did find some plastic eyes, of the not-safe variety. They will have to do for now.

  3. Go, girl, go...
    I am impressed. Really.