Friday, November 20, 2009


Yesterday we had a very informal graduation ceremony to give the TS knitters certificates of participation as well as the completion bonuses from sponsors. Mony gave each knitter a grade based on how well they knit, attendance and attitude and this was marked on their certificates. I also finally had a translator with me, so I'll be able to send out more info on your knitter to all sponsors this weekend.

We had planned on having a small party to celebrate the end of the training, but unfortunately, we received terrible news just as we were leaving town: the community where Tyna and Rofi live was ablaze. They quickly returned home to check on their families. We were too worried to stay at Toul Sambo too long and returned as soon as we could in case there was anything we could or needed to do. The blaze, which went on for most of the morning, destroyed over 200 homes, most of them being wooden. Everyone from CK was lucky, though, and their homes were spared. The houses next door to Rony, who now works from home, was burned down, but hers was not. Relief!

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  1. Oh, how awful with such a huge fire! I hope no human was hurt, even if so many of them lost rheir homs. How dreadful!

    I hope the knitters enjoyed the graduation ceremony, even if it not was any party. I wish them all the very best luck in the future and hope they will have lots of profit from their new skills.