Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finger puppets

Here are some photos of finger puppets that we are practising to make right now. The patterns are from etsy designer Raynor Gellatly who designs very cute amigurumi with a finger puppet option for the body. The knitters are very happy to be working up the designs and enjoy watching the little critters slowly come to life in their hands.

The knitters are getting very proficient and confident at reading the patterns. Now we need to work more on improving the finishing, quality and consistency. I still need to find suitable stuffing. I might have mentioned before that basically NOTHING is available in Cambodia and I've had to order in most everything we need. The safety eyes are on their way from the US and I'll need to take a two day trip to Bangkok to find the stuffing and more tapestry needles.

So have a look at the pics, but know that these are just the start...


  1. Fabulous!

    of course I am waiting for the purple one to be made ....

  2. Hey Joanna!

    Thanks for the comment! There are no purple finger puppet animals in the works (but I'll see what we can do for you). There are some purple monsters coming up in the next few weeks though. I know you'll like 'em!

  3. Purple kntted monsters sound perfect for me!