Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're getting stuffed!

I finally located some material suitable for stuffing. Well, I always knew about it but was hesitant to use it for our stuffed toys because I'm not sure how 'fluffy' it stays over time or how it will wash. I originally wanted to use polyester toy stuffing, but its impossible to get new here. What we're using now is 100% natural fibre that comes from the seed pod of the majestic kapok tree. Read more about the kapok tree and its uses here. It really is an amazing one!

The kapok (the fluff has the same name as the tree) is called gko in Khmer, another one of those words that if pronounced even slightly incorrectly can have a completely different meaning. In this case, I usually end up saying either throat or cow and everyone has a good laugh. Below is a picture of a bag of the stuff, retailing for 4USD and a close up to give you a better look. I'm amazed at how soft it is even though it comes from a tree.

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