Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Babies, monsters and photos

We hope everyone had a lovely holiday over Christmas (if that's your thing) or a nice break (if it isn't). We spent the past few days with our in-laws from Ohio who came for a short visit with their little one, Jaxon. Yeng and I had never met our newest nephew, so we were really happy to get to play with him for a few days, as well as catch up with his mom and dad. He is, no arguments thank you, the cutest baby on the planet. He spent a couple days playing with a sample kitty I brought from Cambodia and got a monster all his own under the tree.

It's given me an idea for our first ever CK blog contest. I won't say anything about it until tomorrow, but get your photos ready! We'll be looking for your photos with any CK products. They can be of you, your kids, your pets, random strangers, as long a they include something we've knit, you can enter. Great prizes (all hand knit ;))! Check back tomorrow for more details.

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