Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry, Merry Christmas!!

I have been very slack on the blogging front and apologies for that! I'm currently in Canada, home for the holidays and it's been busy, busy since arriving with friends, family and delivering finger puppets for people ordered them for Christmas. I hope all the little ones that got their finger puppets loved them as much as the people who ordered them did! Also the two weeks before leaving Cambodia to come to Canada were absurdly busy and we had almost no time to breathe. Both Yeng and I are enjoying the down time here!

This entry, however, is not to dwell on past busyness, but to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and to thank everyone for their support these past few months since we started Cambodia Knits.

We've gotten much further than we had hoped since hiring our first 5 knitters in July. We trained 18 knitters at Toul Sambo, hired another 2 staff for assembly at our office, sell our products at 3 locations around Phnom Penh and had three great Christmas sales. The future is looking bright as well and we'll need to train more knitters in February and hire another 2 assembly staff to work at our head office. There is a huge outdoor sale in Siem Reap in January and this will give us a chance to find more sales locations in the tourist epicenter of Cambodia. Most excitingly, we'll soon be creating our own designs for children's toys and more!

Here's to a great year!!!

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