Friday, October 16, 2009

Busy Monika

Sorry for my slackness and not updating more as we head into the first week of training. I really thought that with my thesis out of the way I'd have lots of time, but instead I have been running around all week, catching up on all the things I put off while writing. Finally, some catching up this weekend!

We went to the community on Thursday to hand out information about the training next week and to get a final tally of those interested. The trainers have been doing a great job the few times they have gone there the past few weeks and everyone was eager to show me the swatches they had been working on. There were heaps and heaps!! Some are already onto increasing and decreasing and almost everyone is knitting even, neat rows. A few people had crossed stitches, but still they were even. They're a nice group and my knitters really like working with them and I think everyone is looking forward to having them there, teaching, all week rather than just every few days. Mony especially is really great at forming relationships and making people feel comfortable and relaxed.

I have the final list (although we are quite certain a few people were away on Thursday and might sign up on Monday morning) and will be matching names to knitters this weekend and sending those out to all the sponsors. A big, huge thank you to everyone who offered to sponsor a knitter! We're all full and no longer need any more sponsors for this group. If all goes well, maybe the next training, in another community, will take place next year in February, but nothing certain for now.

Back to running around now. Definitely check in on Monday for news of our first training session and, I hope, our first "Knitter, up-close-and-personal" story ;).

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