Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick Update

Things are hectic as I am trying to get the products ready to go to the shops, organize the training at Toul Sambo and complete my MSc. dissertation which is due next Friday but needs to be sent off by Monday afternoon. Most of my focus is on the last one but I try to squeeze in time with the knitters as they work on new patterns, improve their seeming technique and happily knit away. Here is a lovely photo of Tyna, Mony and Rofi with their latest work.. They love love love making these monsters. You would too (go here for your very own pattern).

In other news, we're up to 24 sponsors! A great, big hug and thanks go out to my brother, Kuan-Neng Foo in Milan who is sponsoring 5 knitters!! You're the best brother a girl could never have. You might wonder how it is that I have a brother with a very obviously Chinese name living in Milan, when I am so obviously Polish and living in Cambodia... well it is a long story about our wonderfully globalizing world. For another time! Also a big thank you to the Trandem clan, sponsoring a knitter each (for a total of 4) and of course everyone else too!

Also, I have secured a factory supply of the safety eyes that we need at extremely good rates. And I didn't need to order a minimum of 100 000 pieces either. The order is placed and now just waiting on some documentation from the Cambodian side to process the shipping. By next week, if all goes well (breath deeply held), we should have them. Next task: yarn from Beijing.

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