Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Short and sweet

Only one knitter photo today, down below. Still having issues finding a translator to come with me! Grr.

I completely forgot to write about the donation we made last week to an orphanage on the outskirts of PP. We had a bag full of toys that were from the first round of knitting in the round and less than perfect, but still lovable and in need of love. One my students (I teach part time at an English school) invited me to join her youth group on an excursion to this orphanage. They were planning on distributing food, clothes and toys. Yeng and I didn't have time to join the activities, but we did hand over all the monsters that we had to pass onto the little ones. It was reported the children were very happy to receive them and we are happy they have a new home.

Sim Soeun sponsored by Carol O'Neil.
He is the son of Kung Pisey who is pictured in an earlier post.

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