Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mekong Blue

Today I picked up a sample of the pouch we'll be giving away to anyone who purchases 10 or more finger puppets. These are made out of beautiful silk and sewn at Mekong Blue. Mekong Blue is a great, great non-profit organization that helps communities in Stung Treng. I'd always intended to visit their production center when I lived in Ratanakiri (deep north-east of Cambodia, ST is on the way, almost) but somehow never did. Then a series of small world coincidences resulted in our connecting and working together.

A couple of my friends have bought silk from Mekong Blue in the past and currently a close friend is having her wedding dress made there (actually two, but that is long story). I went with her for one of the fittings and its turns out that the owner's daughter is one of my students! Chantha, who runs the store, and I are also connected through various other people, volunteers and consultants who worked or still work in North-Eastern Cambodia. I also really believe in their project and their work and it seemed perfect to ask them to help with small pouches for the puppets. This way I get to plug Mekong Blue and have a gorgeous little silk bag to give away.

So, now you need to go the Mekong Blue website and check out their online store. Of course you don't really have to, but if you are looking for a stunning Christmas (or other occasion) gift, their silk scarves are gorgeous. The weaving is top quality, the colours are beautiful and well worth the price. The best part, the sale goes directly back into the project and contributes to the support of over 400 women and their families. For those of you who like to purchase items that give back, this is a perfect one for you! The site is here:


  1. How beauteful the shawls are! I've already ordered one and can't wait to get it in my hands!

  2. Oh great! I'm sure you will love it. Their silk is truly stunning. People will ask you about when you wear it for sure and be jealous of it.