Monday, October 5, 2009

Knitting School

We went back out to the community today to make sure that everyone that is interested has a pair of needles. Quite a few of the people we met on Friday had kept going over the weekend and we saw a few finished pieces of all garter and some stocking stitch! Some of them were amazingly good for beginners. Mony, Tyna and Rofi continued teaching and I asked them to also show the continental style of knitting. Not everyone learns the same, not everyone knits the same and I think that if someone is discouraged with one style, the other might be more suitable for them.

I spent the morning working with a group of women trying to teach/convert them to continental (I confess, I am a continental knitting snob and not only do I prefer it, but generally think it is the superior method... this might offend some of you English style knitters and I am sorry, but whether our knitters choose English style or continental style we will of course support them, but I will try at this early stage to get them on my team ;)). Ooops, long digression there.

Anyway, so knitting school was in full swing today, with about 20 people sitting in small groups giving it their best. I really have to give extra props to the handful of male knitters for joining the training. One of them is learning really fast and could potentially be our best knitter!

In sponsorship news, we have found 14 sponsors so far! I've added a "donate" button onto the right hand panel of the blog to make it easier for interested donors. I can send you a PayPal invoice, but a couple people had trouble responding to it. Or if you are in Canada, direct deposit to RBC is the best way to go other than Interac by email (a new magical thing I only just found out about). Please spread the word and let your friends and family know about the project!

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