Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So our first project in the round was the Bunny Nuggets recipe from Rebecca Danger and below are some photos of the results. We started on 6 mm needles to get a feel for knitting on DPNs (double pointed needles for non-knitters) and I think with a bit more practice, they'll be ready for the stores. I still need to get the plastic safety eyes, so all stuffing and finishing has been put on hold until someone at the Cambodian post ofice gets around to doing their job and putting my parcel of hundreds of safety eyes into the PO Box or I go to Bangkok and find them there. I'm sure the order has safely arrived in Cambodia its just a matter of the package actually being released from the depths of the postoffice basement to the sorting area.

In other news, and this is very sad indeed, Meow the cat is gone again. She was accidently let out last week and limped her way to freedom. She was not fully recovered from her run in with the Big Black Dog next door and we had planned to never let her out again. At least not without injecting her with a GPS tracking device. But she really, really wanted to go outside and do whatever it is that Meows like her do and got out when the opportunity presented itself. It's been almost a week now and Yeng and I have lost hope she'll come back... I hope I'll help better news later on.

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