Friday, August 28, 2009

Deflated monsters

Deep sigh. Still waiting on Cambodia Post to deliver two parcels. One from Canada from my sister, full of goodies I need to start a sweater for Yeng and a sweater for me. The other, full of plastic eyes so Cambodia Knits can finally get on the road to profitability and out of the red. But alas, alack, no. It makes no sense. Some parcels arrive in reasonable time, others sit somewhere for months on end before they are permitted to surface by PO staff. Why do they release some parcels and hang onto others?

The monsters below are all ready to be stuffed and sewn together, but they lack faces. Without a face, they have to wait as they are, dismembered and deflated. There is nothing we can do for them, but reassure them and ask them to wait a little longer. The knitters are knitting more monsters as I write. Soon, the workroom will be full of faceless monsters, suffering quietly, slowly growing impatient. My dreams will one night turn to nightmares of these faceless beasts. Maybe if they are made to wait to long, they'll gather up their various body parts and make their way, bumping into the walls as they go, into the room where Yeng and I sleep. Then, having no mouths and unable to scream or hurl insults, they'll throw their little knit legs and arms at us or worse....

Cambodia Post! Don't let this happen!! Just deliver my package....

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  1. Actually, I have started to wonder about the package, too. How long has it been? May, June, July, August - FOUR months! I thought that in the busyness of the business you forgot to tell me about it, but THIS! ouch.