Monday, August 17, 2009

Not much here to see this week

I'll be away for most of the week, doing research in "the field" for my MSc project so there won't be any exciting updates here.

I dropped off Mony, the one non-Cham knitter at the village that the other women are from this morning along with lots of yarn, needles, the patterns and half a kilo of tea. The women are going to work there for the week since I can't be here at the apartment to supervise. Their mission is to make as many finger puppets as they can so that we can work out a peice rate that is fair and a good incentive. I met a woman that I want to write about at some point in the near future. She is the mother of one of my current knitters, looks about 75 (although in reality she is more likely in her 50s but has had a hard life), and is still knitting away pretty little sweaters for her grandkids. I'd like to talk to her more and find out where she learned and so on.

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