Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photo time!

Some pictures for you to enjoy (sorry about the poor quality, don't what's going on...). This time of all the knitters and all of the finger puppets. We have elephants and monkeys, dogs and cats, giraffes and lions and pigs too. The knitters also developed their own version of a Cambodian cow. For those not in the know, Cambodian cows are very different from what we call a cow in North America and Europe. Cows aren't of the black and white variety, but a pale grey or white, with very long faces, pointy horns and skin that looks as though it is loosely draped over their thin frames. This morning (and they are almost done), they've been working on a water buffalo which I'll post pictures of tomorrow.

You can see the Cambodian cow finger puppet below. In the picture of Rofi (the lone knitter picture), the cow is the one between the pig and the monkey on her right hand. Its a darker colour of yarn than the actual cow but its quite appropriately Cambodian-cow shaped... don't you think?

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  1. It looks a little devilish, especially in that red colour. :-)